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Sewing Accessories and Materials

We carry a wide variety of professional sewing supplies that meet all needs. Whether you are hemming, creating pockets, or fixing zippers, we have what you need to make the process easier. The most important sewing accessories include solid pairs of scissors. We offer cushion gripped shears with steel blades to help maintain control and provide straight and accurate cuts. Our Pinker shears are made of the same steel construction but are designed to add special edges to the fabric. Both are made to lower hand fatigue and provide hours of comfortable use. For smaller applications we also offer high quality thread clips.

Professional Sewing Supplies Online

Whether you are working at a tailor facility or simply want the best products for your sewing projects at home, we have everything you need. Our other tailoring supplies include seam rippers, fusible web, zipper lube, and grey pocketing. Our zipper lube prolongs life and helps each item glide up and down with ease. The fusible web is an excellent way to set seams, hems, or cuffs. The best part of this web is it becomes invisible after application. The grey pocketing, crafted from heavyweight cotton, makes it simple to create seamless pockets as well.

When you purchase your sewing supplies online with Newhouse, you are ensured top quality products. Our five decades of experience allows us to lead the industry and provide top quality service. Rest assured, all our sewing materials will exceed your expectations.

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Seam Ripper Zipper Lube Fusible Web
Seam Ripper
Our Price: $1.29
Zipper Lube
Our Price: $2.01
Fusible Web
Our Price: $6.44
Thread Clip Shear 8 Inch Mundial Scissors Cushion Grip 7 1/2 In. Pinker
Thread Clip
Our Price: $6.70
Grey Pocketing
Grey Pocketing
Our Price: $27.30