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Cissel Type Spray Gun Spotting Noses
All Purpose Spray Gun and Pressurized Spray Tank Ink Remover
Spotting Guns Water Spray Gun

Remove Laundry Stains

When it comes to pre-cleaning and removing stains from clothes, spotting boards use steam, compressed air, and water to get the job done. All of our products will help preserve and maintain your clothes spotting board. This prevents damage to garments, speeds the cleaning process, and prolongs the life of your equipment. For example, our spotting noses are available in various sizes and are coated with PTFE, so they are durable and will not snag delicate fabrics. Also, we offer a wide range of spotting guns and hoses to go along with your laundry spotting machine. Changing hoses will provide better gun control and prevent splitting. We stock Cissell products, a leading brand in the commercial laundry equipment industry. This means you receive top products at affordable prices.

Simple Stain Removal from Newhouse Specialty

To aid with laundry stains removal, we offer Eliminink liquid remover. This item works quickly to erase ink from colorfast natural and synthetic fibers. You will appreciate how simple it is to manipulate as it breaks down stains without damage.

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Bone Scraper Glove Nitrile Small  Spotting Nose Eliminink 16 Ounces Bottle
Bone Scraper
Our Price: $2.75
Glove Nitrile
Our Price: $4.12
Small Spotting Nose
Our Price: $6.70
Water Gun Hose Only, 5Ft With Spring Cissell Hose 5' W/Hanging Spring Large Spotting Nose Cissell Hose 7' W/Hanging Spring
Large Spotting Nose
Our Price: $14.94
Newhouse Water Spray Gun Newhhouse Water Spray Gun And Hose Gun & Hose For Cissell With Spring Eliminink Ink Remover
Newhouse Water Spray Gun
Our Price: $17.46
Eliminink Ink Remover
Our Price: $36.87
Economy Gun All Purpose Spotting Gun Spotting gun Spotting Gun, 45° Tip
Economy Gun
Our Price: $37.08
All Purpose Spotting Gun
Our Price: $40.12
Spotting Gun, 45° Tip
Our Price: $40.12
Cisell Type Gun Cissell Type Gun, 5Hose W/Flex Spring Cissell Type Gun,7' Hose W/Flex Spring Eliminink Gallon
Cisell Type Gun
Our Price: $44.00
Eliminink Gallon
Our Price: $61.08