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Heat Press Machines and Accessories

Newhouse Specialty is the place to find a variety of materials, supplies and accessories related to the process of steaming and pressing garments to create the perfect look. Professional appearances are often defined by the lack of wrinkles and other defects in fabric, so professional heat press machines can go a long way toward perfecting your image. In addition to the value of the industrial press, we carry a great deal accessories you can use at home to get the same professional finish including ironing boards and iron stands.

If you are looking for tools to maintain your equipment, we provide powdered wax, slide rail lubricant, hot iron cleaner, silicon rubber hose, hose clamps and other parts related to the care of any clothes press. All of our products and steam presses are high quality and can be used in a variety of business applications. Our prices reflect our commitment to value, so get your reasonably priced shop press today!