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Air Strip Mats Air Respirators
Trap Wrap Assembly Hooks
Armstrong Trap Rebuild Kit Tie Forms
Thumb Switch Thermostat, Iron
Thermodynamic Trap Switch Iron
Spray tank Spotting Noses
Steam Trap Indicator Steam Traps
Steam Hose Sleeve Stapler
Spider T Sleeve Formers
Sleeve Board Silicone Rubber Hose
Shears/Scissors Scales
Resin, Bottle Iron Rack Dividers
Puff Iron Cover & Pads Press Hoses
Press Head Cover Press Clamp
Powdered Wax Pocketing
Pins, Safety Pill Remover
Perc Sensor Pant Stretcher
Mats, Anti-Fatigue Laundry Marking Pens
Lo Boy P.T.F.E. Seat Lo Boy Plunger
Lo Boy Support Spring Lint Removers
Laundry Net Pins Laundry Carts
Iron Shoes Iron Resin
Iron Pillow, Nomex Iron Pad, Silicone
Iron Hose Ink Remover
Hot Surface Cleaner Hot Cleaning Mitt
De-Pillers Counter Racks
Coin-Op Cart Coat Vent Clamps
Clenaform Products Chain Hanger
Brooms, Whisk Brushes, Wet Cleaning
Brushes, Suede Brushes, Velvet
Brushes, Spotting Brushes, Lint
Brushes, Corduroy Brushes, Carding
Bosom Board Bone Scraper
Boiler Compund Bag Pins
Door Announcers Drape Folder
Drape Wands Dye Pencils
Eliminink Fabric Comb
Finishing Pads Fuseable Web
Garment Hanger, Chain Garment Hanger, Reel
Garment Hanger, Portable Gloves
Guns, Steam-Water Spray-Spotting Hand Pads
Hanger Slide Hoses
Head Cover Zipper Lube
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Hose Clamp
Hose Clamp
Our Price: $1.29

Hose Clamp
Seam Ripper
Seam Ripper
Our Price: $1.29

Safely remove stitches in fabric with this tool
Assembly Hook Single
Assembly Hooks Single
Our Price: $1.41

Single assembly hook, hard drawn, heavy gauge galvanized wire, reinforced clip.
Assembly Hook Double
Assembly Hook Double
Our Price: $1.65

Double assembly hook, hard drawn, heavy gauge galvanized wire, reinforced clip.
Net Bag Pin 4 1/4 Inches
Net Bag Pin 4 1/4 Inches
Our Price: $1.65

4 1/4 inch long

Rust proof stainless steel
Net Bag Pin 5 Inches
Net Bag Pin 5 Inches
Our Price: $2.00

5 inch long
Rust proof nickel brass.
Zipper Lube
Zipper Lube
Our Price: $2.01

Zipper Lubeáprolongs zipper life, keeps them sliding easily.
Red Rubber Hose  Per Ft
Red Rubber Hose Per Ft
Our Price: $2.45

Features EPOM tube with overlaying textile mesh and outer EPOM cover.
225 PSI.
Price is per foot.
Rack Dividers, Round. Blank (6)
Rack Dividers, Round. Blank (6)
Our Price: $2.58

Round 31/2 inch Diameter Fits slick rails up to 11/4 inch.

Pack of 6
Bone Scraper
Bone Scraper
Our Price: $2.75

Manipulate spotting chemicals into stained fabrics with the bone scraper.

Size 4-1/2"  x 3/4" wide