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Perc Sensor
Perc Sensor
Our Price: $401.70

Constantly monitor the perc levels in your plant.
Stick this unit to the side of your dry cleaning machine with magnet furnished, plug it into a wall socket and it will constantly monitor the perc levels in the plant.

It’s not like a wand tester that you would have in the tool box for checking leaks. This is a unit you just visually check to determine perc levels. It has a series of green, amber and three red lights.

All green 20ppm all amber 40ppm one red 50ppm; two red 100ppm; and three red 140ppm.

Should excessive gasses be detected, you may detach unit form it’s a/c adapter and check possible sources for leaks.

Finding leaks are simple because the variance in ppm levels is dramatic when measured at the leak source vs. one foot away.

The unit will operate 15 minutes on battery power and can be recharged in 4 hours. Complete instructions and warranty included with unit.

Features audio alarm and data logging connection.