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Finish Garments Beautifully

It is essential to have top garment finishing accessories so clothing turns out perfectly each time. Our wide variety of products will remove wrinkles and keep apparel in the best position throughout the steaming process. Our clothing finishing products work well when combined with textile finishing machines. We offer press clamps and sleeve formers in various sizes, so women's men's and children's shirts, pants, and other wardrobe items look great. Our clamps properly holds vents together, so all garment steam finishing is completed quickly and efficiently. All of our air-steaming guns are compatible with most spotting boards and will help remove stubborn wrinkles as well.

Newhouse Specialty Textile Finishing Machines

To remove smells from fabrics, we offer odor remover by the case. Depending on your needs, you can order by the quart or gallon. Smoke, perspiration, mildew, and other odors will be removed with ease. Our odor remover is simple to spray on and dry clean out. Our supplies keep you safe as well. Choose gloves that provide a unique pattern for a solid grip on all materials. Unlike other products, these gloves give maximum protection from chemicals and provide dexterity to get the job done. Take advantage of our great pricing and shop now!

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puff cover 1 Egg, Nylon #2 Ladies Shoulder. Nylon Glove Nitrile
#1 Egg, Nylon
Our Price: $1.96
Glove Nitrile
Our Price: $4.12

For Cissell No.3, Cissell 4-Way-Unit, Elco,
Excelsior,  Glover,  Hoffmann-Valetor,
Norris-Dryco,  Unipress PI3

(31/4”x 13/4”)
For Cissell No.1L,Cissell 3-Way-Unit,

4-Way-Unit Elco, Excelsior, Glover,

Forenta 25PS, Forenta 33PSVH, Ajax PIA38,

Hoffman-J2/J3, Norris-Dryco.

(6 3/4” x 3 7/8”)

Sample cover shown
Unique Zpattern grip provides an excellent grip, even on hardtograsp materials. The light weight A10 provides outstanding dexterity and protection.
Double dipped to insure a leakproof barrier against chemical permeation.
Unique carboxylated MA
6 Mens Shoulder Rectangular Nylon 7 Mens Shoulder/Topper Nylon puffer cover 8 Mens Shld/Lg/Egg Nyl
#6 Mens Shld/Rect Nylon
Our Price: $4.27
Mens shoulder rectangle

Forenta, Hoffman no.8, Unipress, Cissel no.1M

(7 1/2”x 4 1/2”)
Mens shoulder rectangle

Forenta, Hoffman no.8, Unipress, Cissel no.1M

Sample cover shown
Mens shoulder large egg

For Cissell No1E, Dryco No.1010

(7 1/2”x 4 1/2”)
#3 Mushroom Nylon puff cover 4 1/2 Sleever, Nylon 4 Sleever Nylon sleever puffer cover
#3 Mushroom, Nylon
Our Price: $5.10
#4 1/2 Sleever, Nylon
Our Price: $5.20
#4 Sleever, Nylon
Our Price: $5.41

For Cissell No.2, Cissell 3-Way-Unit/4-Way-U Elco, Excelsior,  Glover,  Hoffmann J3,

Ajax PIA38, Forenta 25PS, Forenta 33PSVH,

Unipress PI2, Unipress PI3.

(12” x 7 7/8”)
Sample cover shown

For Elco

(18” x 1 3/4”x 3 5/8”)

Sample cover shown
For Cissell 4-Way-Unit, Hoffman J3, Norris-Dryco.

(14”x 1 3/4”x 3 5/8”)

Sample cover shown
5 Sleever puffer cover ,Nylon Hand Press Pad Spring, #1 Sleeve Former
#5 Sleever, Nylon
Our Price: $5.67
Hand Press Pad
Our Price: $6.13
Spring, #1 Sleeve Former
Our Price: $14.16
Sleever 22 in.

For Cissell No.4X  Straight/4C Curved/22” Sin / 3-Way-Unit,AjaxPIA38, Forenta 33PSVH,

Unipress PI2, Unipress PI3

(22”1 3/4”x 3 5/8”)

Sample cover shown
Heavy satin covered and stuffed with felt  pads. A press glove for holding pleats, etc. in place while steaming Replacement spring for # 1 Sleeve Former
Springs, #3B Sleeve Forms Springs, #3 Sleeve Forms Odor Remover In Quarts
Springs, #3B Sleeve Forms
Our Price: $14.16
Springs, #3 Sleeve Forms
Our Price: $14.16
Odor Remover In Quarts
Our Price: $14.37
Replacement Spings for 3B sleeve forms Replacement springs for 3 sleeve forms This product knocks down the odor from mildew, vomit, urine, feces, perspiration and smoke, Spray it on, then wash or dryclean. Very Effective.
Tie Form 1 Finishing Pad #2 Vent Clamp Each
Tie Form 1
Our Price: $17.46
Finishing Pad #2
Our Price: $17.46
Vent Clamp Each
Our Price: $20.55
Pin the back flap of tie together. Insert former into tie. Hold the ends of No.1 open and adjust so you have a light tension along edges. Place over press and Steam only. NO VACUUM. Air Dry Aids work at pressing machines and finished boards. Ideal for holding pleats, etc. while steaming.
Heavy foam padding with steam block so steam won't burn operators hands.
Band is reversible thus giving double service.
Used on coat finishing machines. Holds coat vents together while steaming garment. Insures proper finishing.

1 inch wide, 13 inch long. Light weight. Foam grip.